We can help you deliver engaging experiences at scale, across every screen. We have access to a wide range of digital ad inventory, channels and creative options, and we have the flexibility to build and optimize campaigns tailored to your unique needs.


  • Audience Targeting
  • Mobile
  • Run of Network
  • Topic Targeting
  • YouTube
  • Contextual Keyword Targeting
  • Premium News
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Network
  • Facebook – Domain Ads
  • Retargeting
  • Search Retargeting
  • Website Targeting
We’re building a solution. It addresses the entire process of digital advertising. We’re not just focused on planning, buying and executing—we’re working to simplify the most manual elements of the process. Monitor buying and performance. It’s a new school approach to an age-old process.

Demographic: Target a user by their age, gender and/or household income

Behavior Targeting: Allows you to target consumers demonstrating intent to purchase your product or service based on online activity – clicks, searches, and articles read. Target your display ads based on users’ behavior who show interest toward your products or services.

Geo Targeting: Target users based on their physical location

• City, State, Zip
• Radius – Hyper local
• International / Country
• National

Content Targeting: Places your ad in front of users who are consuming content that you have chosen as relevant to your brand.

Category Targeting: Advertise next to relevant articles, regardless of the site or channel. Target based on the channel / site of the website. Increased engagement due to relevance of ad placement.

Premium News Targeting: With more than 1,400 sites, Premium News Network is the largest premium local source for carefully vetted publishers with quality, journalistic content! Target ads where your customers are reading. These are the best of the best content websites, such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CNN and many more.

Site Retargeting: The Kansas City Star platform allows you to re-engage those visitors who have interacted with your website but did not convert. Technology will continue to target that user as they continue to surf the web. This remarketing tool has the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Search Retargeting: Target your potential client with display ads on the search terms they perform across the web. Turn a text ad into a display campaign! The Kansas City Star platform enables targeting based on the recency of the search.

Mobile / Tablet Targeting: Reach a broad audience across various apps and mobile sites. The GPS functionality in smartphones is coupled with thousands of mobile apps to reach audiences based on their precise location.

Geo Target By
• Radius Hyperlocal
• City, State, Zip

Pre-Roll Video: Streaming video offerings allow advertisers to run their video-format message in front of video content online (:15 or :30 pre-roll spots).

YouTube Video: Reach an audience in a social video environment on YouTube

Programmatic Advertising: Programmatic means automated media buying through technology. Programmatic groups use technology to buy media across thousands of sites to optimize performance.


Buying a Programmatic Group is accomplished using a Demand-Side Platform, Exchanges, & Real-Time-Bidding.