How are you making your marketing decisions? Data is everywhere and it can dramatically improve the results you’re getting from your digital marketing efforts. We know how to find the right data and use it to build better campaigns.

We have the capabilities to gather data from a variety of sources and look at segment audience behaviors in different ways. Variance across data providers is common. We have the resources to analyze data from multiple sources to provide you with a complete view. Utilizing in-depth audience insight is the best way to ensure your ad dollars are not wasted.

Our Audience Insight platform powers advertiser direct campaigns as well as agencies to ensure they get meaningful results every time. That means we…

  • Use sophisticated tag technology to identify who your customers are and how they behave
  • Leverage data to target behaviors across all platforms to ensure the right message is seen by the right person
  • We analyze who is seeing your ads and optimize based on campaign performance
  • Have unparalleled first party data access (a pool of over 50MM uniques per month of the highest quality traffic on the web) that gives us unmatched access to audience preferences that provides actionable insights that markedly improve campaign performance
  • Work with industry leaders utilizing the most up-to-date technology to ensure we provide industry leading campaign results
  • Utilize multiple DSP’s to ensure we pair data insights from the right provider with the right audience segments available across all exchanges